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four tablets daily in divided doses, for patients who do not tolerate higher doses
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transfer. If the reasons fall into category (1) or (2) above,
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"Yellow Drift," from its predominating color. This is found in isolated
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Gail Borden Bldg, UT Medical Branch, Galveston, TX 75550
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threatened by her child’s autonomy, and she may refuse to
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Marilyn Blaker, 713-789-1550, MEDEX, 5805 Richmond, Houston, Texas
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in patients at high risk for carotid artery disease. The
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toxic serum levels of a drug are desirable, but it must be
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the term means different things to different people and
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Houston. Outstanding schools, colleges. Contact Administrator, 1101
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most places July, in some few August ; on the sea it is always August.
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was performed without complications. The removed lobe
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however, together with those who still ridicule sanitary reform as a new-
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there are also cases of " continued fever," as in Jamaica ; and this term, in
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GERIATRIC PHARMACEUTICAL CORP. 397 jericho turnpike, floral park, n.y. 11001
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were the forces of nature than those of the enemy : 26 officers died, of whom only five
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hundred ml of hemorrhagic fluid was withdrawn, and on
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the public prints can provide against the weather correctly on about three
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stimulant The actions of theophylline may be mediated through inhibition of
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Blackheads, Acne by Kenneth L. Flandermeyer, M.D. 211 Pages.
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The minimum thermometers are liable to get out of order — first, by carriage, when
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carelessness had to be involved in overlaying, and that
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Cotton — Microscopic Characters. — A diaphanous substance forming fibres
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to our house and as we turned up the walkway we saw
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American Society of Radiologic Technologists. Contact David D
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Center for evaluation of intermittent chest pain and
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failure as a consequence of one or more of these factors
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object to the State Boards of Health ; and where such boards do not exist
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Studies of the electrophysiologic effects of lidocaine gen-
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by the delay resulting from the futile efforts to obtain
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glass window depicting the Good Samaritan which was
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scientific material that flooded him in the first two years
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stitutional survey and literature review. The major complica-