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site ; until, perhaps, it is so far removed from this that a line prolonged
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in spite of the exciting literature of the day, and of the looseness of some
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independent and objective environment. Recently the Ad Hoc
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As with many other diseases amenable to both surgical
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recognize your obligation to be helpful to those who may
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box is a thermometer. The outer cylinder is covered with wood, and the
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The distributing pipes should be cylindrical and two
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reactions are usually reversible on discontmuaiion of therapy
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rendering the atrial tissue refractory to retrograde
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“subclavian steal”, may cause symptoms of basilar artery
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and 1916. 4 This information on vascular complications of
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was,’ does not blush to say on rounds, ‘Prior to
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Floridians that our University System needs help if it is to
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isters simultaneously on a piece of paper fitted on a drum, which is
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of the water. Being more elevated than the flood-plains they are more
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the spread of entozoic diseases ; or, 3d, make ground swampy and marshy,
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campaign, he subsequently becomes as clever in providing for himself as any
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of surgery at the University of Pennsylvania. He moved to
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Since 1875 no separate return is furnished in the A.M.D. Reports. An
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American medical schools. J Med Educ 53:633-639. 1978.
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measures necessary. Variable effects on blood coagulation
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The question of the proper mode of disposal of sewage has been some-
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tilated upward. The supply is 1,500 cubic feet per hour and head ; the
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Calif., and Clinical Professor of Medicine, UCLA School
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CO- 2 -tablet method, prior incubation of the Transgrow
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• Dr. Seiler, 517 Bayshore Boulevard, Tampa 33606.
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Medical School, Boston. Speakers: George L. Blackburn, MD, PhD (Boston); Bruce R. Bistrian, MD, PhD
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in several studies. Consider possibility of pregnancy when instituting therapy; advise
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Electrocardiography • Diagnosis and Treatment of Common
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For India, a drill frock, drill trousers, and a white cap cover are issued.