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In contrast to some older benzodiazepines, Ativan (lorazepam) does

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medicine cabinets in country stores complete with a

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38. van Nostrand C, Beamish WE, Schiff D: Neonatal pneumopericardium.

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and ventilation, crowded rooms, climbing stairs, badly constructed and

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Tablets may be drowsiness, lassitude, giddiness, dryness of the mucous membranes,

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are more frequent in men from the Mediterranean stations than others (Dr.

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to pass into the room, if possible at or near the floor, so that it may prop-

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With Surgery for Coronary Artery Disease, Arch Surg. 105:837, 1972.

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But remember, this book was directed to the general

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not procurable, Mr. Moule's invention has been a boon of great value, and

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Office from "Professional Papers of the Signal Service, No. 2," show at a

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manifestations; some degree of mental confusion and/or excite-

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Contact Margaret Klug, Office of Continuing Education, Baylor

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" The labels on the above mixtures shall contain the names of each and

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bits of bricks, towels, or other things which are thrown in, so that they are

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populations treated with varying degrees and types of

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Special orders should be given that, at the halt, or at the end of the

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much higher ground, although many feet above tide-level. Here relief is

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ity of the water. As a matter of fact, polluted water may travel a great

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The mean monthly temperatures would, however, at such elevations,

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aware of a problem, the pertinent normal and stressed

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vice are : two mercurial barometers, two exposed thermometers, two wet-

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three weeks after implantation, and no further attacks

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The army experience shows that, both in the "West Indies and in India.

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Indications: For relief of the inflammatory manifestations of corticosteroiid

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(pinworm), Ascaris lumbricoides ( roundworm ), Ancytos-

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(at the time he wrote, in 1855) 76 ounces of solid (i.e., water-containing)

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Royal Infirmary, and made by Messrs. Chorlton & Dugdale, seems an excellent and

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status of the student loan program. Since the last Annual Report, the

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Nitrous Acid or Nitrogen tetroxide can be evolved by putting a bit of

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nean, and British America, including the years 1836-1846, was prepared