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when Dr. Wood last saw him he was apparently in perfect health.
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The following gentlemen were elected the publishing commit-
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characteristic evacuations are pathognomonic. It is to be discriminated
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may have been overlooked.^ The occurrence of gastrorrhagia is some-
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fifteen grains to a drachm may be given, dissolved in wnter, two or three
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Treatment of Acute Lobular Pneumonitis. Pneumonitis in Young Children. Cir-
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only treatment instituted. By the 17th, or third day after
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appointments to the vacant chairs, the new incuipbents entered
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tacked repeatedly with chills, coming on at irregular intervals,
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It is at first dry, the secretion of mucus being for a time scanty. Deep
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and Wheat, consisting of Dextrin, Maltose, Albuminates, and Salts.
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continued functional disturbance in connection with heav}^ marching, and
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inferior portion, may continue for some time after the liquid effusion has
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The pericardium contained a large quantity of reddish serum,
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and lighter at the edges, are seen, and, also, spots which are brown, rusty,
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measures are to be adapted to the circumstances peculiar to individual
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Jucus Marina ELIMINATES the Malarial CAUSE; and thus
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retics, blisters, etc., will not only prove unavailing, but they do harm, if
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pulmonary structure to be intact. More or less oedema of the lungs is
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through, or very near, the point, where the thumb and index
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of bile, and has little or no fecal smell, but emits a nauseous spermatic
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number of pulsations, its vertical direction, and marked dicrotism in the
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barelj looking into the cavity of the bladder, serves to collect all
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the results when the patient is placed in diff'erent positions. Percussing
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hyper-nutrition. In the language of Chossat, " inanition is a cause of
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substances proper to the part affected. In the lesions which properly be-
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DERRY, nor, judging from the almost daily endorsements that we see in the
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Before Dr. Y. left the patient, she vomited, and was then quite
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under the care of Dr. Gondie, the patients exhibited a compara-
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In the great majoritj^ of the cases in which hemorrhage takes place into the
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jected; more tolerance of light; no pain; deposit becoming whiter.