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1 Beitish Medical Jouhnal, December 24th, 1892, p. 1337.

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Assurance against £600, and, after adding £43 paid as surrender

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validity of the position which is assumed, we may fairly ask

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residents, were submitted to the meeting of the Board on

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with great satisfaction to the ratepayers, and with unvary-

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Practitioner's" remarks concerning the case of consultation that he

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Feenoh Hospital and Dispensary. — M. Waddington, the

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phurous oxide fumigation ; and (3) application of dry and

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them on an unwholesome starvation diet, and then hand

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complete with hypodermic syringe and fifteen tubes of hypo-

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F. 2 ; Surgical, M. Th., 2. Operation Days.—M. Th., 4.3o.

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and we advise Dr. Roberts to make himself better acquainted with the

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The subject of the lecture will be " The Positionof Pathology

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The Belgian Government has agreed to defray half the cost

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The Diploma in Public Health, conjointly with the College

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ment still remains in force, and if, as is most probable, the

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tific names of profound hypnosis, externalisation of sensation,

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motion was to assure the Lord Provost and those who acted

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mean death-rate was 25.7 per 1,000. and exceeded by 3.3 the rate recorded

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tenable, or else easily met by amendments in detail, neither inconsistent

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We are glad to learn tliat the Local Government Board have decided upon

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fully request that the Secretary will be pleased to answer that memorial ;

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small-pox patient from a four-roomed cottage at St. Helens,