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than the silicates in this way. The hydrated double silicates absorb bases.

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Cardiology- 1974). A review of fourteen comprehensive

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4 . contains three antibiotics that are rarely used systemically, so

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Recommendation No. C-3 be referred back to the Board

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The Journal, its editors or the Florida Medical Association, Tnc.

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even in heavy rain the men would not get wet. The men lie much more

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Under the term " Poudrette," manufactories of this kind have been long

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order to keep bias out and allow “pure scientific

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Chairman of the Board of Trustees, of Torbett, Hutchings, Smith

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every discipline involved. First, immediate diagnosis must be

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creta (4 ounces) of an adult at least from 30 to 70 grains of the crystallized

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from the moderate use, though no good can be traced to it. In moder-

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s = linear expansion of scale — viz., .00001041 ; normal temperature

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piece of cloth. Schlesinger recommends the following plan for the exam-

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4. The occasional, perhaps frequent, introduction by water seems cer-

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contributors and advertisers Published monthly at Jacksonville,

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Cal.," are high up on the Sierra Nevada, 8,000 feet above the level of the

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2. The supply of the dried vegetables, 1 especially potato, cabbage, and

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Problemsolving in Gastroenterology — Update 1981 Driskill Hotel,

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ecclesiastical courts to secular courts. This change

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active in civil defense. Indeed, he received a commenda-

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and in March 1 977 of a new edition of the Judicial Council

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Governor to reconsider his decision regarding Vocational

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63) were 1,336. In 1867 there were 1,125.6 per 1,000. In 1873-75 it was

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sufficient to reduce a body to ashes, and it has been successfully tried in

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sewer air ; that the water-closets or water-troughs are properly used ; and

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material which they consider valuable to readers. Should regular

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Philadelphia College of Physicians June 6, 1883, Dr. Mitchell and Capt.