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76.37 and 79.27, the mean annual relative humidity of the air at 9.30 a.m.
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A good tent should be light, so that it may be easily transported, readily
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casing. If no stoves are provided, and a fire-place is made with stone, it
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main effect is to lessen the quantity of blood in the veins and auricles, and
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and depends on a variety of factors. 12 For example, gastroin-
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relationship with the doctor, the hospital, and other
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acute rage) have been reported in psychiatric patients and
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Family Physicians recertification examination suggests a
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its lower edge to fall inward, so as to direct the currents of air toward the
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followers, spoke strongly against the grant of sums of money for improving barracks.
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in mice and rats at doses up to ten times the human dose and have revealed no
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increase the comfort and efficiency of the soldier.
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Total pelvic irradiation to 5000 rads followed by one
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3 8-5.0 mEq/liter While the serum or plasma level is a poor
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per was then filled by a pailful of water and discharged by lifting a plun-
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2. Provisional Recognition — a minor administrative variation
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branches, making an off-hand sketch as he goes from floor to floor, showing
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patients relate to the quality of life in surviving patients and,
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Association. The second exhibit was a consolidated report of the
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perhaps impossible to prevent this, except by the freest ventilation and the
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hours, indeed, were devoted in the third student year, to
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since the mutiny. Much, no doubt, remains to be done, but the fall in
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Maintenance of Correction, J. Thorac. Surg. 33-625, 1957.
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agencies trying to get established, while maintaining the necessary
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Mid-Winter Cruise on Intensive Care, Jan. 5-15, Aboard the “S/S
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same fruit preserved at the same time in jars having glass-lined covers did
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the late Bobert Briggs to absence of moisture ; but Billings and Cowles
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