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or, if wooden, on piles. Upper floors only should be occupied. The early

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an organized curriculum over several years may be the

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that it could take “judicial notice” of the fact that “to the extent (the

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tuine thus separated is led into another box of earth, and is thus more

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TMA membership grasping to learn about and to affect the

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beans, and potatoes, when possible, were issued as a change of diet. In-

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Others: Hyperglycemia and inappropriate ADH syndrome.

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sponsor for the nutrition portion of the 1979 scientific program, to

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Program. The campaign would be aimed at improving immunizations in

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controlling administrative costs. Most applications continue to

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Report on Cholera in Southampton (Sixtli Report of the Medical Officer to the Privy

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vessel (petit bidon). They are all of tinned iron. All these vessels are car-

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another result, the Board of Health held a conference with the manufac-

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sonnel and costly facilities. If these efforts are to be suc-

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which a therapeutic response is unlikely. 2 ' 5 The plasma-re-

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systems and modes of invaliding may entirely vitiate any conclusions drawn

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shows the number and percentage of adult patients in

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medical assistant from performing functions in the physician’s office

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established, he goes through a two-months' course of gymnastic training

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yourself from service if you have a good, legitimate

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The Department of HEW has imposed a limit on reimbursement of hospitals

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It is, therefore, to be taken for granted now that every good house

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3. Gaines, Jonathan E: Antitrust and FTC Regulations Impacting on Professional

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Physicians will enjoy a stimulating clinical practice in outstanding facilities, free of the business

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academician. As a pioneering medical specialty, family

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Board of Medical Examiners should be thorough and agressive in its

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9 mEq/liter. Karyotype is 46XY with normal Giemsa banding.

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1 2. Masterson JF: The borderline adult: therapeutic alliance and trans-

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required for more than 48 hours. Nitroprusside presently

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above 35 only one-thirtieth. With reference to length of service, the first