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I with open angle glaucoma who are receiving appropriate therapy
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the presence of atelectasis or pneumothorax. Infants
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Bernhard in 1972. 2 His initial group of patients ap-
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medication, abrupt withdrawal in such cases may be associated with tem-
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be that disease, but on a closer examination they were found to be clearly paroxysmal,
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of soma and psyche, that was not in cadence with the
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Still, the cure rate with radiotherapy has remained
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oxide (?), nitrogen, or perhaps combinations of nitrogen, water, etc., are
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The admissions and mean daily sick have been already given.
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(N„O ) and 38 parts nitrous anhydride (N a O a ), very different figures from
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small quantity on a hot plate. Dr. Richardson proposes to saturate a
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neutral public policy and fair market competition among all systems of
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diagnosis of acute cholecystitis with 99m Tc-HIDA cholescintigraphy. AJR
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We must trust to a higher cultivation and moral training to introduce
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ware troughs, which are one-third full of water. Twice a day a trap-door
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published a Blue Book, which not only contained plans and descriptions of
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(d) Rheumatism gives 46 cases per 1,000 of strength.
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The foreign service of the British army is performed in every part of the
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Incoming President Richard S. Hodes, M.D., presents the official portrait of retiring President O. William Davenport, M.D.. to
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Texas Medical Association and past president of Harrison
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ware pipes, if strong and well joined, would be preferable. '*
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cephalosporins and other allergens. If allergic reaction oc-
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Justice Department in a four-year court battle. The ASA stood
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any coronary artery; nevertheless, the diminished caliber
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lected indiscriminately as worse than useless, from errors in diagnosis. Even in the
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the most frequently involved extrathoracic structures,
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giography, surgery, postmortem examination or serial two-
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Dosage: Individualize according to symptom severity and patient response Reduce to smallest
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London, Hamilton, and several smaller stations — Fort George, Amherst-
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2 W. W. Mather, Natural History o^Xew York, part iv., Geology, pp. 519 et seq.