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streets, often made winding for the purpose of defence ; a very poor

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evident slightly oblique cross markings, which indicate the bases of the

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3600 Gaston Avenue, Suite 303, Dallas, Texas 75246; 214 823-7090

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Medical City Dallas II, 7777 Forest Lane, Suite 2116,

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The diminution over the years previously noted (1826-46) is extra-

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It is often difficult to get the mean strength if there are many changes

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1 8. Couves CM, Nakai SS, Stearns LP, et al: Hemorrhagic lung syndrome

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always be avoided because of increased risk of congenital malformations as suggested

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hypoglycemic agents, sulfonamides have caused rare instances

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24. Goldstein H, Zornoza J, Wallace S: Percutaneous fine needle aspiration

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lipidemia 25 years ago when Ed Boyle, MD, of South Caro-

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drugs, such as gold, should be tried. If Motrin must be given, the patient should be under

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ism of the heel. The toes are turned out at an angle of about 30° to

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that a certain quantity in the water destroys as much soap as would be de-

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ers, are entitled to two rooms. The company sergeants have one room

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Sometimes the passion for picture-taking leads to some

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enough to rid not only the surface of water, but also the soil itself.

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The development of CT along with US has favorably influ-

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gests that the program has achieved its goal of increasing

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It seems entirely appropriate for those of us in the

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setting. The physician confronted with a low R-wave at

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Cydacillin is not indicated in children under 2 months ol age.

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profession — about price gouging, Medicaid scandals — that

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University of Miami School of Medicine; Mr. Cowell is President, Public

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Further reduction in the mortality rate among patients with

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combinations of lesions. This suggests that the annual

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22. Gordon TL, Johnson DB: Study of US medical school applicants,

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who preceded Galen, appear to have framed rules chiefly for male adults. Galen sub-

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and kindred subjects. Some of the drawings given here have been copied from Mr.