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introducing the index finger, with or without a finger
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signature on the consent form is legally risky to say the
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You know how important it is to maintain your practice and to keep in touch with patients through
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Wallace A. Crozier, MD, FACA, Certified American Boards Pediatrics
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hence there is very great cooling of the ground and the air close to it at
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cardiac evaluation as soon as the diagnosis is seriously
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preferably, slightly alkaline urine are desirable to (1)
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with clinical manifestations of toxicity in patients with lowered body plasma
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Lauderdale. For information: Jon R. Fichtelman, M.D., P.O. Box
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fect truth that the soldier in India is over-stimulated by food and drink, and under-
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The recruit having entered the ranks, begins his service at home, and
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Annual Meeting in June in behalf of the FMA as directed by the House
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opments in the various specialties. The program includes 1 7 TMA/
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pursuing a specialized residency or as a program for individuals as yet undecided about further specializa-
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story of, “I’ll gladly reap the benefits but I won’t give
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esophageal, cardiac, and peripheral vascular surgery
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1 The weight of the clothing, equipment, and kit of the Army Hospital Corps is as
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the patient was readmitted for revision of the scar. At this
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and the entering classes listed in Fig 2 correspond to those
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opportunity to make whatever contributions 1 can,” Dr.
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the chamber itself, or into a passage below it, whence it passes into the
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ognition Award Contact Mrs Dale Willimack, Dir, Dept of Annual
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tents ; they give much more ground area, cubic space, and standing room,
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about one-third of the cost to the state was reimbursed. In
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smallest effective amount in elderly and debilitated to preclude
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should be balanced against the risk of uncontrolled asthma
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Ventilation in most parts of India must be combined with plans for
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subjects superficially whereas, Seasons summarizes, in
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theophylline level and is not usually a problem at serum
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Recognition Award. Contact Walter P Dyck, MD, Scott & White Me-
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Zucker. 23 Although the initial thresholds are two to three
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air, but only to a short distance, and never faster than man travels. They