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6 Zeft, H. J , Manley, J.C.; Huston, J.H., Tector, A.J.; Auer, J.E., and Johnson, W.D.: Left
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Do not rely on the use of the drug in the presence of complication of
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Wind. — N.E., trade, strongest in February to May ; weak in September
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tubs are charred inside, and emptied every morning and filled with water
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arrhythmias and heart block. Hyperkalemia may exhibit the follow-
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1 1871-74 and 1877-78 omitted. 2 Vital Statistics of the Armies in India, 1859, p. 164.
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case the greatest care must be taken that the ground does not get soaked
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examination is first made. Then fix attention on the wool. In shoddy
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the fluctuations of the water-line being especially favorable to such decay,
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Workshops and the Annual Meeting next May. It is of the
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ashes may be thrown on the sewage. Sometimes screens are used, so that
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tion of the labor market, the best thing a working-man can do is, as early
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quality are one or more of the following : dissolved oxygen, organic car-
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How Supplied: THEO-DUR 100 mg, 200 mg and 300 mg Sustained Action Tablets are
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appointed to the medical staff of the sanitarium at
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stratified sand and gravel, and should be taken into account in the selec-
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speaker. Dr. Heimlich is noted not only for his medical
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lipidemia 25 years ago when Ed Boyle, MD, of South Caro-
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Table 3. — Characteristics of Patients Treated Hormonally.
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the retinal artery pressure is measured. In the normal
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the carotid artery. In screening patients with symptomat-
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the TMA Committee on Health Planning has resulted in es-
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sewer would require a larger quantity of water to properly flush it than
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policy to grant monthly pages to specific committees, councils, or
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emphasized that even in the absence of occlusive lesions
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most Floridians are released twice a month, and news releases are
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Hemodynamic Significance of Atrial Systole, Am. J. Med.: 37, 665, 1964.
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management ol exogenous obesity as a short-term adjunct (a lew
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such an improvement renders the privy vault and cesspool harmless or
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viously served as associate director of the oncology program