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sizes, — large, i.e., from 20 to 32 beds, and small, for one or two patients.

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1 Those persons who shut their eyes to the enormous prostitution of this country, as

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23. Forbes, T.: Crowner’s Quest, Trans. Amer. Philos. Soc. 68:8,14,27,41, (January) 1978.

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• Newest Developments in Management of Respiratory/

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Thomas B. Thames, M.D., of Orlando, is escorted to the head table by Robert Trumbo, M.D., Orlando (left), and Edward W.

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of Contemporary Medicine and Surgery, 6 North Michigan

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equally good, if waste steam can be utilized, but if not, it is more expensive.

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“What is a hospice?” Ask three different doctors

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The following are the rations of the chief European armies : —

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Mary Money Roberson — Age 11 — Ormond Beach — “Hyacinths”

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tion. Fort Worth, March 5-7, 1981 . Harold W Brumley, MD. 1201 W

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Take 4.9 grammes by weight of pure H 2 S0 4 and dilute to 1 litre.

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