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person ; place zinc chloride, or ferrous sulphate, or carbolic acid, etc., in

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a portion of the iodine originally set free never acts on the starch, being

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A few cases of reversible clinical hepatotoxicity have

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single groups, should be brought into play, and that periods of exercise

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since 1874 render it impossible to give these numbers in detail. The numbers opposite

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Sinai Medical Center, Miami Beach. For information: CME

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offices and CMHCs are not, as a rule, open for business

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bypass surgery are directly related to the risks of surgery

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stances have been proposed, and many actually tried, with varying results.

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If scurvy be absent, typhus fever is readily treated ; isolation and the

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is the prophylactic treatment of scurvy. But with a full knowledge of

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but on again substituting washed air, they revived. The rapid destruc-

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sewage matter has been often applied in this way without bad effects. In

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stimulation. Treatment should consist of gastric lavage, emetics,

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tried. After exposure to the poisons the vitality of the germs was tested

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it can now be proved that a large proportion of the deaths that occur an-

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should be exercised when Ru-Tuss Tablets are given to patients with hypertension, car-

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than that which the available money can purchase. It

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the department with all new facilities in hospital and clinic. Howard

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cystic radiolucencies of interstitial pulmonary emphysema in both lungs

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on a journey to yesteryear. 1, President-Elect and Mrs. Richard B. Hodes, M.D., of Tampa,

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cardiac arrhythmias occurred on the day after surgery

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the flow through it begins. It is important that it should not so dip

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the drug should be discontinued, and, if necessary, the

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Association’s Bylaws. Generally, it is the function of the Judicial

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rheumatism. Articular rheumatism is not particularly common. There is

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Horse Guards have been already mentioned. The cuirass weighs 10 lb

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All accepted manuscripts are subject to copy editing.

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