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tion in which the water is emptied into the hopper, we should endeavor to

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Patients should report signs or symptoms of gastrointestinal ulceration or bleeding,

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RADIOLOGIST 50 — Well rounded. Previous fellowship in cardiovascular

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Diplomate, American Board of Psychiatry and Neurology (Psychiatry)

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Foundation’s research grant account, no applications were considered

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remarked that tea and coffee, or beef broth, are samples of water loaded

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the petitioners and their willingness to work toward making the Flagler

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Dr. Boyer is President, Florida Society of Plastic and

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wise. But there is a general impression that they do not flourish in coun-

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plains. No more valuable opinion could be given on such a point than that of an offi-

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ports and papers that are presented at the meetings, together with the dis-

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extrapyramidal symptoms, syncope, changes in EEG patterns

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Conn. Stated goals of this hospice are to keep the patient

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point. In this way inequalities in substrata, or fissures in the rocks acting

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kind of soil has a great effect on absorption. The evaporation from the

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impossible to attain in large towns, especially when governed, as with us

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authors for use of any previously published material (extensive tex-

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have a valid, current DEA registration number issued by

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59% of the physicians are in solo practice or in a small group

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a total of $923,000,000 in fuel costs since 1972 — that’s

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waste products may be the solid and liquid excreta of men and animals,

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the thoracic surgery interfaces with the government that

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“In consideration of the Texas Medical Association taking action in

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bacteriology report later indicates the infection is due to an

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Obituaries of deceased TMA members are published if adequate

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an average of ten months after discharge from the Early

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accepted the challenge to produce a specialty issue of

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Report on Controlled Trial of Fecal Occult Blood Testing for Detection of Colorectal

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In the presence of systemic infections, appropriate antibiotics

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(b) Clayey Soils. — Under this division we here include all soils consist-

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able to clarify the various components of the borderline syn-

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Settling. — Suspended matters may be completely removed by simply

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time favorite. Recipient of numerous awards and honorary

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includes a bare minimum of preventive care is the Early

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secondary to androgen deliciency 3. Impotence due to

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Our medical colleagues have shown convincingly that in

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4,000 Cooley-Cutter valves have been implanted at the