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6 months. The half-life of free lorazepam is about 12 hours; steady-state

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was performed with complete relief of ischemic symp-

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quate to permit recommendation in this regard Intravenous

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that point a determination should be made as to the

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The extent of variation will be within the proportions represented by

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quences of insufficient removal of excreta. The sewage matter returns at

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Joel Mattison, M.D., of Tampa, is the group’s Vice

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has collected the few facts which we know on this subject. 1

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family. Information regarding the need for treatment is avail-

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in the area of the stenosis were epithelialized and smooth

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invaliding will continue to diminish as a consequence of the short service

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Catie Cook (Mrs. Thomas) — Orlando — “Shannon”

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pletely as in peace. Often, indeed, an army in war has maintained itself

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schedule of costs. Authors automatically receive order blanks when

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one suppository in the morning and one at bedtime for 3 to 6 days or

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54° Fahr.), 239.91 cubic inches per minute, while in the tropics (= 82°

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3. To the seasons ; not exposing men to heat. In winter, taking particular care

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Also, the broadcast and other news media have placed

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for patients with hypertension or with symptomatic cardiovascular

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mirabilis, Proteus vulgaris, Proteus morganii. It is recommended

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remission occurs. Such patients should not have access to large quantities of the drug. Hospitalize

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of fluid, though it may partly check the rapidity of evaporation. If any-

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many cardiac operations have occurred as the result of

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Disease Control. Duck embryo vaccine will continue to

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Although some of the excess of nitrogen eliminated during exercise, as noted above,

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the sea, the coldest month is later, viz., March. The hottest month is in

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