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accuracy of organization which distinguishes the French. The results were
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tage, but it is well not to depend too much upon it as a disinfectant, and so
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In many of the continental cities the fluid and solid excreta fall into a
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unanimously that, in its opinion, the difficulties of the St. Johns County
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malpractice insurance crisis could be made only by the legislature and
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Rome. Eighteen centuries after the death of Christ, are we still at such a point ?
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information: Donald R. Lannin, M.D., 832 Central Medical Bldg., St.
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tics have been published, but it is mentioned incidentally that there were
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physician for the better. Various methods have been
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service, three years ; population (civil) in 1879 = 154,198.
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bread. If salt beef is used, 250 grammes (8.8 ounces) are issued, or 200
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medical students, house officers and allied medical
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other distortions should still be subject to disciplinary action for
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3 The Indian Government are now cautiously attempting to limit the spread of
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immunization at or before 12 months of age. An immunization program aimed at the 10-21 year old
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. Schumacher's formula is used for the correction — viz.,
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necessary and repetitious paperwork for administrative and
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It is a fiat alluvial soil of clay and sand, covered with vegetation.
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were demonstrated. All of these patients, however, were
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aneurysm arising interiorly and anteriorly from the left
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In making observations on the presence of ozone, a box has been found to be unne-
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Steroid Binding Proteins of Mammary Tissues and Their Clinical Significance in Breast
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• Vasoconstrictor, antihistaminic, expectorant actions with
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disaffiliate with any regional society (Florida Society of
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4 French, H.: A Case of Traumatic Aneurysm of the Heart, Guy’s Hosp. Rep. London
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anesthetics, phenothiazines, other tranquilizers, sedative-hypnotics, or other CNS depressants (including alcohol) concomi-
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7.5 deaths per 1,000 of strength, or more than in England. In 1859-66
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It is not easy to give a proper definition of climate. The effect of cli-
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In the infantry the amount of aneurism is slightty below that of the
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Side Effects: Drowsiness, confusion, diplopia, hypotension,
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of 1867, malarious fevers of undoubted local growth appeared on the
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is a separate and distinct clinical entity, with an onset dis-
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merely to liberate the carbonic acid, and in so doing ceases to exist as
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