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table, deduct the product from the dry bulb temperature, the result is the

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during coronary bypass procedures, we have recently

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equipment is designed to amplify this change so that it

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the height of the barometer (correcting it to 32°) and the temperature of

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friendships that CND helps to create, patients have

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mometers, so as to expose them freely to the air. The bulbs of the dry

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would require a little more nitrogen in the food, and it is certain, as a

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WARNINGS: TRIAVIL should not be given concomitantly with guanethidine or

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mild cases out of 48 and Anderson reporting one mild

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Bitter taste, diarrhea, weakness, mental depression,

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Planning Committee, c/o Florida Lung Association, Box 8127,

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the physician. I keep on repeating an idea until the doctor

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Hills), 600 inches. On the other hand, even in places near the sea, if

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trimethoprim and 400 mg sulfamethoxazole— bottles of 100 and

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the recruit, or a discipline too harsh or capricious on the part of his offi-

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penicillins, cephalosporins, and other allergens. If an allergic

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Council, 1870, pp. 80 and 111) ; also another by Mr. Netten Radcliffe (Report on certain

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However, it was the feeling of the Council that it had extended its

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poudrette manufactories, and the evidence is that they are not injurious to

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and femoral-popliteal bypass if necessary in order to

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Larry R. Kimsey, MD, Associate Professor and Director; Camille Lloyd, PhD,

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Other Impurities. — Cisterns are often the resorts of the rats, mice, cock-

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may be above and below them, and it is by reminding us constantly of

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disappear on continued medication or on decreasing dose In a sample of about 3,500 anx

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must provide a clearer understanding of the symptomatology

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comparison, always reduced to what they would have been were both scale

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incidence. 24 In a polyp-free colon, colonoscopy need only

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biopsy or, if a hysterectomy without oophorectomy had

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Terminate dosage gradually since abrupt withdrawal of any antianxiety agent may result in

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Family practice residency program recently finalized. Need a physician

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latrine are thoroughly washed in this way twice daily. Probably it would

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ticed obstetrics-gynecology in San Antonio since 1954. He

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of Towns, 1861, p. 69 et seq. ; Letheby, The Sewage Question, 1872, p. 135 ; Report on

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ing to public health, the Newport Association, in 1880, offered prizes " to

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to the conduits which receive the house pipes, and carry the house water