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chamber which can be filled by the overflow of the tank, and thereby be-

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the air with but trifling loss fall on land or on water. The specific heat of

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chamber which can be filled by the overflow of the tank, and thereby be-

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annual temperature about 81°. Mean temperature — April, 82.70°;

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England, and closets are made with hinged flaps or seats, so that the coal

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money spent on the evaluation and treatment. Certainly, if

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zation at once disconnects it from any general atmospheric wave of poison ;

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in consequence of a statement by Dr. Carret, that in the department of Haute-Savoie

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indicator of total body stores, a plasma or serum level below

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the students who stay in that school or even the one who

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nia, nausea; vomiting, impotence, suppression of lactation, con-

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come large and dense, as experience has shown they often do in our

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homes to provide in their initial billing an itemized

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composed of one-storied wooden houses connected by an open corridor. As soon as a

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propagating syphilis than it would be to prevent her propagating small-

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paratively little interest taken in such matters by the public at large. Much

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ber, 1880, was 78.5° ; for December, 70.1° ; for January, 1881, 72.2° ; for

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less until repaired. Observers must never siving the barometer or endeavor

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tancy and retention; blurred vision and tachycardia; palpitations;

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the St. Lucie-Okeechobee County Medical Society may need in

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In the 20 years, 1817-36, the annual admissions were 6.5, and the

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a tube in connection with an air force-pump and gauge — the meter having

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same sick man has been made to do duty as a fresh case many times over. This is to

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sweating). Diarrhea may be an early symptom of incomplete