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Jr., of this city, were found to contain trichina? in abundance. Prof. Dal-

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diarrhoea. A colic is called flatulent when accompanied with tympanites,

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For the evidences of the correctness of this statement, the reader is

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patient. Prof. Mosler's method of treatment with this remedy is to have

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smaller. The valves may become atrophied, and are liable to rupture oi

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entrance, it is in contact only with the lining membrane of the

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Dr. Wm. R Wilson was bom in Philadelphia in the year

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but when he interrogated the crural vessels he found them pain-

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also present. He referred to one case in particular, of a young

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epilepsy, but I administered the latter salt to a young

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obvious, but equally true, is the proposition that upon this factor the value of

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perfectly obstructed tubes in inspiration, and to remain imprisoned in the

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The examination was made by Dr. Levick, December 29, in the

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appeared within a few years, already covered with trees of no

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the form of the bones of the forearm (which are sometimes

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organized bodies are doubtless adapted to certain physiological ends of

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Other lesions relate to the walls and cavities of the heart. Enlargement

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ing. The skin was now of the natural temperature and dry, the

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rolling or tumbling movement, and a sensation is sometimes described as

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subject ; for they only report the fractures of the arm, without

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Boston, I expected some vigorous measures would be recom-

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they did from the attack of cholera infantum the preceding season.

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ences are met with in the hospital mortality in different departments

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creted. I'he coagulable lymph exuded in certain inflammations is essenti-

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1450 prisoners, or about 3} per 1000, being one per 1000 above

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revealed- by morbid anatomy upon which to build its theories of

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gressively approaches more and more to the normal vesicular murmur,