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showing that 59% of these children died between the ages
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(3) " The vent-hole was then half covered, and the experiment repeated
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5. Everett ED, Terry B: All pustular nodules are not bacterial. Arch Surg
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exhaust them greatly ; and some actions have been lost, others have re-
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lung. From a genetic point of view, these four cases em-
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private physicians and other health care providers. The
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that the germs of disease might be thus washed into the drinking-water.
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Make the starch, filter when cold, and then add the potassium
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arrangement proved practicable, it would unquestionably be of immense
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consists of representatives from 23 specialty organiza-
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feasible in a clinical setting at a community hospital. The
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population 60,000. Two hour drive east of Dallas. Progressive commu-
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have expanded the educational capabilities for training phy-
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to force the mercury against the top of the tube without first screwing up
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Hills), 600 inches. On the other hand, even in places near the sea, if
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that is away from the equator, in crossing these continents, in consequence
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tropics seems indicated, carefully consider individual phar-
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7.5 deaths per 1,000 of strength, or more than in England. In 1859-66
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coronary artery occlusive lesions. Two of those proce-
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Diplomate American Board of Plastic Surgery i oyClllQli ^
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are adjunctive therapy for the symptomatic relief of pain, itching and
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tention, blurred vision. Paradoxical reactions such as acute
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tion studies are not always predictive of human response, use this
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ample, the use of master computer files for health records. The
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The disadvantage of this regimen is that the plasma con-
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review of health care services. This peer review will
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the judicial system is harmful. In case after case, tests,
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assemblage of tombs is the more remarkable, and it is impossible to avoid the conclu-
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the system. Great care should be taken in handling the oil, as a drop will
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ultaneously, the amount of carbon dioxide in the expired air is increased
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information: Jeanette T. Abich, R.N., Morton F. Plant Hospital, Box