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therapeutic window and others a linear relationship as illus-
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reaction occurs, the drug should be discontinued and the patient
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said, “our challenges in the 80s will be to maintain the quality
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inch. The seal was not lost now, though coming within f inch of it.
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recommends the use of the test in conjunction with others, asserting that
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battle against the FTC that at least one justice was per-
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Staff Psychiatrist, Texas Department of Mental Health and Mental Retarda-
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M.D., has been assigned to research this matter. At the point in time of
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the water, it improves its sanitary quality. 9 It consists in adding lime-
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lessness. tremor, hyperreflexia. rapid respiration, confusion, assault-
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zinc pipe may be laid inside the building, and open into a tub below,
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ment, especially in elderly persons; and decreased sweating. With
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au hour for a coil to cool down, and an arrangement for more speedy
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22. Levy, S.; Gerard, R , Jausseran, J.M.; Boyer, C ; Clementy, J ; Baudet, E. and Bricaud,
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for late arrival. If you have already sent in a priority housing
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House of Representatives as reported in the Congressional Record
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should be typed, double-spaced on separate sheet of paper.
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••Proceedings of the Royal Society, No. 139, p. 2.
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1 Alton. 111., uses sponge. Nichols, Water Supply, p. 168.
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Some reporters will try to manipulate you to evoke a re-
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minimal left ventricular dysfunction, significant stenosis
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dropping of objects, impairment in handwriting, inability
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Dennison, of Colorado, who has written extensively upon this subject, con-
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be cautious in apportioning blame or credit to persons, or to special modes
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not give rise to long-lasting active metabolites. As with all
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thoracic outlet syndrome can be treated successfully by
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gradual and results may not be observed for 3-4 weeks
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adulteration of foods and drags in this country was made in 1879. A com-
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ical and laboratory findings are unstable) are insufficient to establish safety.
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Doctors must report initial medical treatment of disabling
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percolate into the cellar ; third, the w r ater-pipes may have burst ; fourth,
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36. King, R. J. B ; Hayward, J. L.; Kumaoka, S., and Yamamoto, H : Comparison of Soluble
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for nominations. In separating from LCCME, AMA resumed CME accreditation
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thousands new, productive lives. Psychoactive drugs
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As it is of no use, and indeed injurious, by bringing men under the thral-
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Family Practice Seminar, Dec. 6-8, South Seas Plantation, Captiva.*
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