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1 Enliirgement of the spleen is rather an infrequent event in small-pox. Weigert states that the blood-
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The effects upon the general health are various, depending largely
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Mucoid degeneration affects both cells and intercellular substance.
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power, which favor pulmonary and other hypostatic congestions, and the
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child in female pelvis). Fees : 1st class, ISOfr. ; 2nd class, 25fr.
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vertebrae. These displacements cause direct pressure on the small
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laid open and freely irrigated with some antiseptic solution. If there
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Graefe makes a diagnosis on tbe "■' want of harmony between the move-
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result of injury or congenital defect. The statement' that the pulmonary
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the operation of trephining is often required. It consists of the
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nal layer which has been destroyed by the ulceration. When the irrita-
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fall for some time after his removal from the bath. While in the bath, cold
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The true neuroses which are met with in the larynx are due to defective
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come greatly enlarged, and are surrounded by an inflammatory areola. Their
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the thirst. If the tympanitis is excessive, it may be relieved by aspiration,
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disease. The previous history of the patient, and the presence or absence
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those who advanced the theory that excluding light and air prevented the
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is diminished by out-door exercise. Uric acid appears in the urine as a