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and the activity may spread to other states. In Hawaii and Rhode Island, the

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1 Square Metre = 10.76 sq. feet = 1,542 sq. inches.

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alcoholism, 10 mg t.i.d. or q.i.d. in first 24 hours, then 5 mg t.i.d. or

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for nominations. In separating from LCCME, AMA resumed CME accreditation

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>s. sweating, thirst, nausea, and vomiting. Occasional patients experience gastric iriitation and bleeding with aspirin.

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credit — one-half the yearly CME requirements toward the AMA Phy-

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The frequency of patients requiring combined endarterc-

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period. During therapy, maintain adequate fluid intake;

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The contamination of canned foods with lead is usually owing to the care-

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Victor Politano, M.D., 6614 Miami Lakes Dr., East Miami Lakes 33014.

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toris have been reported, usually at the initiation

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large muscles of the shoulder and back from the impediment which hinders

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healer and the sick, as physician and patient gel — and

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cally what they ask for. Reporters don't want to be fair; they

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PATHOLOGIST, AP-CP CERTIFIED seeks independent laboratory or

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conditions. The group of patients who tend to receive a diag-

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percentage of time spent by career service personnel at

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The general result of the life at home on soldiers must now be con-

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6. The acid clearing test determines the rapidity with

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The distributing pipes should be cylindrical and two

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Critical Care Gastroenterology, Dec. 5-7, Contemporary Resort

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adopted in several States ; but the changes that have been made are such

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avoid stimulation to the point of increasing the nervous,

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to prevent the spread of scarlet fever is to attack the skin from the very

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alosporin antibiotic intended for oral administration. It is a white to yellowish-

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the non-commissioned officers less than the privates. In different regiments

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obtaining a view of the state of health of the numerous nations it controls.

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Cuban physicians by Batista police because they had

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liquids, of which decomposing organic matter forms a part. A difficulty

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3 An outbreak of typhoid fever in a hospital using river water, where the disease

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29. Pomerance JJ, Weller MH, Richardson CJ, et al: Pneumopericardium

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hospitalization, pain and expense in those patients who

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1st Annual Family Practice Update, Feb. 18-22, Daytona Beach.

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with pediatric patients. Limited for years by the necessity

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A controlled, multicenter study assessed the efficacy of