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sion, be regarded as little better than a cold-blooded villain.
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of the blood ; which process, as experiment has proved, is
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heard wrangling about the names and watchwords of parties
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Income upwards of £1000. The Successor must be doubly qualified,
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pathological, and statistical medicine and surgery, but also by
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probrium of surgery is of ancient date, the Umb is to
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the sporting fraternity were he to dehver a discoiu-se
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est patients, and those most recently affected, were
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restore it from coma to wakefulness ; that it was a
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Its nature may be judged of fr*om the fact that, since
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it. To our readers we beg to propose a problem, the
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ment is to be efficient. It is a therapeutical error to
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ance for regulating the amount of light transmitted
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will be held at the Scottish Corporation HaU, Crane
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the couch one day, a dark-looking fluid, " as black as
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as it certainly is the most studiously neglected, of
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tines. The attenuated state of tlie abdominal parietes,
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purgative medicine, follov/ed up by nauseating doses of
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as an out-patient at Jervis Street Hospital in Dublin
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curial ointment to be rubbed into the spine, with the occa-
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of Sewei-s, Dr. Letheby said he had carefirily exa-
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deration. I am confident that, throughout the upper
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culi, greatly obscures their transvei-se mai-kings. But
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We shall feel obliged if you will bring the subject
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he known a case in which pregnancy followed ; and in
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whole life is more or less under the control of ai-ti-
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had occurred in his practice, in a woman sufl'ering
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pressible. In another hour, though the pulse remained
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jority, has declined to interfei'e in their behalf. Yet
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poenaed ; but, as he himself teUs iis in a letter to you
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or to face the batteries, if required to do so in the
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the several stages of osteitis ; and these ha\'e been
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way, for the present, of framing compulsory clauses
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vaccination, acupuncture ; ail operations on the epidermis ; den-
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preventing the spread of bad secretions ; 4, destroy-
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subsequent periods, and the same result always fol-
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confidence in your medical officers, and allow them to
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amounted to 75,754 ; of this total, 2645, or 1 in every
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less than half an hour, and quiet repose followed. 4.
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duates, who had obtained high honoiu's, with all the
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vegetable poisons" ; but tliis only shows that, with