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under proof. The meaning of these expressions is — (1) If the spirit be

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doses Clinical significance of these findings is not known Flowever, increased risk of conge

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disease in healthy persons. He formulated the Minute

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the new Charitable Solicitations Act. Representatives from the various

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(d) Roofs. — Double roofs are now usually employed, and are made

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£hey form a small third story. In this way the following advantages are

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tending a childbirth. Therefore, the midwife was not prac-

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well. Certainly in medicine the State of Florida has been

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visualize the distal esophagus, stomach and duodenum in

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reduce the temperature below 40°. Dr. D. G. Brinton ("Florida and the

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occursooner or later, and the final expense is far more than the first outlay

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a drain ; the intention being, in both cases, to make the fecal matter drier,

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Restricted Delivery within 30 days of receipt of notice or

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are beginning to draw attention to this problem (see New England Journal

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Authors Note: This has been a fascinating field for

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the amount of nitrogen (in combination) it contains was noted in 1856. 4

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Board of Health did not carry this case to a higher court, and the other

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quently is asymptomatic. Roentgenographically, pneumo-

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applications were in a token economy program and in a

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only 49.8, 44.4, 20.6, and 63.8 admissions per 1,000 of strength. Dysen-

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Agencies held two meetings: in Tampa, on August 31, 1978, and in

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The soldier, as a rule, wears as underclothing only a shirt and socks.

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dying person by conforming with their wishes to be with

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of the Left Ventricle, Ann. Thorac. Surg. 1:697-710, 1965.

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normal human dose, the safety of this drug for use in human pregnancy has not

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also given in Report on Hygiene, in the Army Medical Report, vol. xiii. (1873).

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by pneumococci. Group A beta-hemolytic streptococci, and

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tagious in the Hospital at Genoa ; almost all the sick in my division, nearly '200, were

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Yellow No. 5 (tartrazine) which may cause allergic-

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Cigarette Smoking — The House of Delegtes took its strongest

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