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used. The best writers on the hygiene of the tropics (Chevers, Jeffreys,
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in family practice to enhance the quality of undergradu-
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should be smoothness and great softness of texture ; to the eye the tex-
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men in four rows. This plan, however, is not so good a one as having only
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5. Griffin, E.H. and Minnis, J.F.: Pectus Excavatum: A Survey and A Suggestion for
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streams without previous purification, though now this practice is pro-
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itary Commissioner (Dr. Cuningham) with the Government of India. Reference must
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If the drains are 6 feet below the surface, then an acre will contain 9,680
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tissue function and depletion of ATP occurs, dependent
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it had risen on an average to 105 ; after doubling 500 yards, to 139, and in
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Antiarrhythmic drugs commonly are grouped according
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for physicians and health personnel. At the invitation of
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January, and then going back to it in March on the way homeward, after a
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Chief rain in November, December, and January ; less in February and
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Improvement Commission 4 was organized, and in 1861 this Commission
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than on the time of day (Scott). But uniformity of practice is the primary essential,
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the effects are sometimes very marked ; great lowering of the pulse, heavi-
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ness, we believe that in many instances the diagnosis
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14. Kimsey L, Arnold L: Precipitating factors in the female borderline syn-
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Cubical space = 1,500 feet, or, in unhealthy districts, 2,000 feet.
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NEOSPORIN* Ointment — for the office, for the home.
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prophylaxis for neonatal ophthalmia is not adequate treatment.
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throua' further refinements in our perfusion apparatus
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American College Health Association, Boston, April 21 -24 1981
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This availability good lor the residents ol Texas. Illinois, New Mexico, and all other states where not prohibited by law
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an atmosphere that has little tinge of the pedantic.
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Wliat is effected by Purification. — We cannot expect to render a foul
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also opposes the transformation of glucose and of the glycogenous matters
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no taste, but should adhere persistently to the tongue, on account of the
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enteric fever and 22 deaths in the whole army of 87,000 men. In the four
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of a mile, and forms an admirable sea-coast sanitarium (Macpherson).
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administration of antiperiodics, especially quinine ; and good and gen-
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rainfall, and, indeed, before the introduction of water-closets, they were
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drug offers a more satisfactory control of blood pressure.
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creatinine (less than 1 in 500) or abnormal urinalysis
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logically proven inguinal node metastasis. The decision
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Indications and Usage: Treatment of signs and symptoms of rheumatoid arthritis