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the oncology center served as distribution centers;

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The mortality was made up in part of — fever, 2.13 ; lung disease, 7.44 ;

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problem until the early 19th century, and as such, were

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opportunity to make whatever contributions 1 can,” Dr.

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filing of proposed legislation to amend the Nurse Practice Act.

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physicians within a larger organization, such as a hospital,

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should, however, he added that two-thirds of the middens drain into the sewers, i.e.,

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adopted for storm waters. * If irrigation is the plan carried out, the sewer

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appearing, or, if diseased, stopping till they can get admitted into hospital.

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Practical Approaches to Nutrition Support in Childhood Illness

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birth trauma, developmental abnormalities, limitation of

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Elder. There is an especially clear account of sudden

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vaults through which the infection was communicated, and connection be-

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Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation, were published in

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treatment (synonymous with the first report of injury).

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taminating the air, the soil, or the water of streams, by imitating the

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gency treatment. Medical staffs can reduce the likelihood of

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defenses. When this strategy failed, they chose not to

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weight of more than 80 kilograms who did not require

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3 On the dry methods of removal a very good paper has been published by Dr.

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department (i.e. investigations, legal services, etc.). The

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Circumstances may of course render it necessary to take existing build-

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panel at 4:30 p.m. on the afternoon of March 12th and we

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medical officers on board. The transports are really men-of-war, i.e., offi-

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the chamber in the same way. The disadvantage of the hot-air blast is

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hyperkalemia develops, substitute a thiazide alone,

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place is 54.57°, as determined from observations extending over six years

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in the hills, both floors being used for dormitories ; single verandas of 10

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The appropriate degree of instruction or supervision by

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water seal in the traps, might enter and mix with the air of the house.

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to patients with severe hypertension. Insulin requirements in diabetes

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pressures. Afterload reduction with nitroprusside is

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