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the Gulf of Mexico were associated with a neuralgia not quite so in-

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perinatologist needed in Dallas. Group and solo opportunities with good

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With these precautions no odor will be perceived ; but it is still very

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halations of a crowded population may accumulate and putrefy ; or the

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sewage is mixed with 20 times its bulk of water, and flows for 9 miles, it will be per-

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rhythm disturbances, such as reciprocal beats due to

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Left Ventricle: Survival and Results of a Ten-Year Surgical Experience, Ann. Surg.

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and its frequent occurrence at Xalapa (4,330 feet), as Avell as its prevalence

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fect which it never produced, for, not to speak of other parts of the world,

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reversed with an equivalent amount of Protamine and

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Center, Forest Park, Georgia. In civilian life, Dr.

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Gynecologic Oncology Seminar, Feb. 10-15, Royal Biscayne Beach

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continue, and clinicians and researchers must not lose sight

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be carried out rapidly to a temperature of 10°-15°C. If

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Beall, 7 Berger, 8 Paneth, 9 and many others have made strong

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should always be in an outbuilding, or a projection, with thorough ventila-

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and convalescent hospitals in the rear, where the men were received en route to the

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leadership, and community living skills, as well as

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Wilbur G. Avery, M.D., Chief, Division of Pulmonary

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those which are so slightly, so as to be classed as hnpernieable, are granite,

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short-term adjunct in a prescribed dietary regimen. Tenuate

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Acute exacerbation of chronic bronchitis caused by H. in-

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the coat and blanket and the man himself dry, are articles of the utmost

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next the ashpit and latrines, and on the boundary line the rear-guard. In

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box, with a pipe to carry off the urine and ablution water, would be bet-

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' 2 Liharzik's numbers profess to be based on a law induced from great numbers of

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while the remaining five trials lowered the water respectively § inch, 1£

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viewed. While most were promptly cleared and released

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Acute exacerbation ol chronic bronchitis caused by H intluemae'

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omitted from further analyses since it is likely that the