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3. It is recommended that seriously ill children under the care of a family physician get appropriate consultation.

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The army stations in the West Indies are Jamaica, Barbadoes, Trinidad,

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Pringle, and many other army surgeons, record cases. 4 In war this is one

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of chlorides and lime salts, especially sulphate of lime.

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^Including: Reoperations, mitral commissurotomy, annuloplasty, coronary artery bypass

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parts of the country, such as Dr. Tom Ferguson, Dr.

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Dick L. Van Eldik, M.D., Lake Worth, Specialty Medicine

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dice, skin rash, ataxia, constipation, headache, incontinence,

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aorta into the non-coronary sinus. In four of these

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amount of nitrogen to 375 or 400 grains, and of carbon to 5,000 grains

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specialists in the field of cardiovascular surgery in Florida

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At 90-foot depths, Dr Jones discovers a world filled with interesting varieties of fish.

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9. Austen, W. G.; Buckley, M.J.; McFarland, J. et al: Therapy of Dissecting Aneurysms,

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acids of soap, are the chief cause of this phenomenon, though compounds

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of Cavalry Stables" (1863),'" by the Barrack Improvement Commissioners,

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