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water becomes so dilute and so large in quantity in storms, that the ap-

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viewing services relating to drug abuse and alcoholism.

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The temperature should be at least ten degrees lower than that of the

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the human procreative functions. Dr. Mulvany declares that in a very

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conditions were satisfactory to the physicians. All responded

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patients, one was related to cardiac arrhythmia; the other

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the 7:30 a.m. starting time for the FMA Health Run for Fun.

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and industrious habits. European residents on the Gold Coast are too

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sanitary character of the several waters, the salts of nitrous and nitric acid

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W. Harold Parham, D.H.A., Jacksonville, Executive Vice President

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studies did not have arteriography. We would continue

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Family practice is a specialty which addresses health

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numerous seminars. He has been awarded an "A" rating

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type has been distinctly paroxysmal, the large majority of cases being re-

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tient's death. An Arizona intermediate court of appeals held

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fore, radiologic and anatomic demonstration of a hernia

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disease rose to 84.27 per 1,000. In the next seven years (ending 1866)

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How Many Doctors Are Enough? — Tom E. Nesbitt, MD

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sewer would require a larger quantity of water to properly flush it than

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ing to pain, which leads to frustration for the physician and

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This will last for five or six months ; but it is well to renew it every tbree months.

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of north latitude passes through Philadelphia, and the forty-first runs a

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Florida Regional Association of Blood Service Units —

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Precautions: In depression accompanying anxiety, consider possibility for suicide

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Rio in 1849, and into Monte Video, are still more striking cases of importation ; and a

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brandy and water to act on the heart, seem the best measures. Bleeding

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from the patients present at the daily meeting. (3) In the

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Dr. Parham was one of the Reciprocal’s organizers

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Since water naturally contains chlorides, sometimes much, as in cases

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