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School of Public Health — Endorsed the establishment of a

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Tablets may be drowsiness, lassitude, giddiness, dryness of the mucous membranes,

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basic indoctrination in the humanities as well as in the

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another result, the Board of Health held a conference with the manufac-

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current political contests and thus suffer for appropriations.

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has been lower in some years than it has ever been at home. But there is

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duce crops by irrigation, till some way shall be provided for checking this

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but perhaps the influence of sexual irregularities on health has never been

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the smooth muscle of the bronchial airways and pulmonary blood vessels. Theo-

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easier work are excessive rapidity (130-160), smallness, inequality, and

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determined. (No standard is given in the Rivers Pollution Act of 1876.) The objec-

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below, and a hopper above, from which dried earth falls on the sewage

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has been shown experimentally to reflect accurately the

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documented. 3 ' 4 Factors which influence the selection of

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order to keep bias out and allow “pure scientific

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competent medical examiners. If the physician feels this

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sufficiently absorbed by those during the comparatively short time water-

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If the camp be a large one, a certain portion should be selected every day

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scurried up the ladder, found a seat in the plane, buckled

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that the amount of sewer water to be dealt with at the outflow is much

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performed on men who took no nitrogen as food ; others were on men on

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males, and in neonates. Great caution should be used in giving theophylline to

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Physician's Recognition Award, 30 hours. Contact Adm Asst, Edu-

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bringing the suit." This is an unwise provision, as it encourages prosecu-

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matter resulted in a recommendation to the Board of Governors that

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ship at Shreveport, La, and residency at John Sealy Hospital

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ble loss of atrial function; atrial pacing can, however,

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lessness and anhedonia. Vegetative signs are much less

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education for family practice. This phase is now far along

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explored are: 1) legislative advocacy — lobbying; 2)