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define the conditions according to developmental psycholog-
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Resolution 78-19 Staff Personnel for HSA Monitoring was adopted by
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PATHOLOGIST, AP-CP CERTIFIED seeks independent laboratory or
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increased perspiration; urinary frequency; mydriasis; drowsiness; alopecia. Witt 1
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community in which they practiced. The classifications con-
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the row of rings, the elastic ladder, the horizontal bar, the bridge ladder,
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termeasures available Hypotension or muscular weakness possible, par-
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almost no authority for a physician to prevent distribution of the in-
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15th Annual Postgraduate Course in Internal Medicine — 1980,
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Medical Examiners that supports a strong Board of Medical Examiners
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well that when the clerkship is over, his facility may
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eral result is to show that these sanitary improvements have resulted in a
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70%), thus placing in peril the available manpower pool
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toms. increased and decreased libido — all infre-
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Eighty former residential patients were contacted at
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of anesthesia or the initiation of surgery, can precipitate se-
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21 Gordon TL, Johnson DG: Study of US medical school applicants,
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It may be argued, however, that wells are fast being abandoned in our
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Protection against Cold Winds. — For equal thicknesses, leather and india-
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What gave countenance to this hypothesis was, that sometimes for
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James H. Herndon, Jr, MD, 8220 Walnut Hill Lane. Suite 408, Dallas, TX
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merely as a means of warmth, nor even as combining warmth and ventila-
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Ph D., Victor W. Rodwell, Ph.D., and Peter A. Mayes, Ph.D., D. Sc.
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Among the measures which have wrought such marvels in the West Indies
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household conditions, to explain the spread and fatality of the mediaeval
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higher motor centers and the spinal cord. Convulsions resulting
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meetings and made recommendations concerning the necessity of