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its proper level, the point of the ivory cone, which should just touch the mercury with-

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cannot be obtained. In this situation, the PVRs are

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the peculiar tint is an indication of the kind, and the tint-depth an indica-

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But it must be noticed that the evidence given before the Indian Sani-

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Postgraduate Workcourse in Diagnostic Ultrasound. Ben Taub Gen-

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Study Program at Baylor College of Medicine and professor

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receives a prescription for a brand name drug must by

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ranean channels. This affords an explanation of the fact that fresh water

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maintainance. Such an approach encourages the use of

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VERSE REACTIONS: The most frequently observed adverse reactions to codeine include tight-headednc-ss, dizziness,

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has been the tilting disc concept (Fig. 2) in which the valve

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per man. If a thinner material could be obtained, and if the size could be

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small amounts of transplacentally acquired maternal

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Florida Medical Foundation, and found each of them to

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and the amount of substances thus added to the air is by no means incon-

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violating this provision. As this section reads, the clause " or the package

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chloride 0.5 gm orally 4 times per day for 5 days for a total

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allows the external cause to act in very different degrees ; this is marked

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The amount of water is 1 pint (English) to 1 ft) of meat (English). This

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tions from day to day ; light, wind, humidity, and temperature (by expel-

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ability to regard ordinary anxiety and the process of

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Dr. Pupello is Director of Cardiac Surgery, Tampa General Hospital

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Frank Agee, M.D., Gainesville, Florida. Since our last report Dr.

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embolism: its clinical recognition. JAMA 104 : 1473-1480, 1935.

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tionately with the number of physicians engaged in direct

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upon returning to my house with my wife, Maria, and my

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vitamin C blood and tissue levels all day and night. No

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