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adopted for the army, possesses great facilities for carrying these articles,
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thors have also admitted that in rare circumstances, pul-
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Cardiology at the Dark Continent, Feb. 1-2, Busch Gardens,
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vaccination in order to decrease the severity of such
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tracheal intubation, lung immaturity, IRDS itself, and positive
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men couldn’t be less concerned with their appearance,
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not recommended for use in children under 12 years ot age
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pioneered in the practice of person-oriented medicine.
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of the three medical schools within the state. Thus, from
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Five years ago the Florida T ask Force on Rheumatic
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cities. We need family practitioners now to move to several locations.
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the disintegration of these rocks, as they are mostly composed of this min-
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tion likely to respond to Bactrim therapy. If infection is confined to
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In the southern hemisphere the case is reversed, the eastern side of
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already stated, one great fault of the diet of Europeans arriving in India is
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ing and rapidly carrying away the morbid substances evolved in such
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syphilis, glanders, farcy, and malignant pustule, are instances of this. In
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of common exercise, the nitrogenous elimination diminishes during the
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tion. It therefore strengthens all parts. It must be combined with in-
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before the long-term complications of respiratory assistance
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1 During the French war of 1870, although there was much crowding, wretched-
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Drainage is often difficult, or impossible ; and if to all these causes of con-
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N. gonorrhoeae are essential. Therapy should be initiated immediately.
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with much greater difficulty through wrought-iron, or through stoves lined
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adjusted to ability to pay. MARYWOOD, 510 West 26th Street, Austin,
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Relationships in Operated Lungs, Studies by Conventional Pulmonary Function Tests and
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i Thursday, March 13, 1980 UROLOGY SEMINAR. Chairman: George R. Prout, Jr., MD, Harvard Medical School, Boston. Speakers:
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14 Cooper, G.N.; Singh, A.K.; Christian, F.C , Cashman, C; Vargas, L., and Karlson, K.E.:
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