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non -transference of many human diseases to brutes, and the reverse. It
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14. Stern SL, Rush AJ, Mendels J: Toward a rational pharmacotherapy of de-
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(11) "In order to test the effect of a partial closing of the top of the
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fangled notion, must surely give way before the honest and legitimate
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$2.50 plus tax). Address: The Journal of the Florida Medical Asso-
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Association, Inc., P.O Box 2411, 801 Riverside Avenue, Jackson-
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Francis C. Coleman, M D., Tampa, Legislation and Regulations
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Medical Association, provided it is used and completed as designed.
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needle biopsy of the pancreas. Surg Gynecol Obstet 140:361 -364, 1 975.
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comprehensive services by an interdisciplinary team
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the diagnosis of hiatal hernia and gastroesophageal reflux
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contributors and advertisers Published monthly at Jacksonville,
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Torres Vedras, when it fell to 9 or 10. Sometimes it amounted to 15, 20,
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The rules of the program as adopted in previous years provide
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years of medical school and one year of rotating internship
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1 The cases of insolation in a narrow sea like the Red Sea do not invalidate this rule.
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During fifty years (from 1818 to 1867) the mean annual mortality from