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FMA Journal. I think it is an outstanding publication. I
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South China averaged 2,131, and the deaths 56.25, or, exclusive of violent
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signs is advisable and the patient should be told to
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consideration. The liability of the interior surfaces of house drains to be-
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intestinal symptoms include nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, and
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a common chord with situations shared by all physicians
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National Health Insurance — The most significant and far
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Resorts, Hollywood Beach. For information: Donald H. Altman, M.D.,
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that science has attained through the labors of our Signal Service. And
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bronchogenic cyst formation, or ectopic pulmonary lobe for-
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for example, what utter confusion prevailed in our opinions as to causes
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Lubbock, April 10—1 2, 1 981 Fay Gibson, Rt 6, Box 581 , Lubbock,
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(typhoid ?) on board ships loaded with poudrette. In the case of the Eu-
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stances in which, while there has been decided introduction by a diseased
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Wednesday, March 12, 1980 CANCER SEMINAR. Chairman: R. Lee Clark, MD (University of Texas System Cancer Center, Houston.
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forward current, with a velocity of two and a half feet per second. Other
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martial qualities which fit him to endure the hardships, vicissitudes, and
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The anorectic effectiveness of diethylpropion hydrochloride is
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normalities, or the inability to find these abnormalities in the
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food. Faulty latrine arrangements, if they exist, must act through one or
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Little is known regarding the salubrity of these soils, but the fact that good
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Pulmonary Function Studies, Dec. 8, Holy Cross Hospital, Fort
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in the United Nations Building, New York City. Florida is
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Sarah Wiggins — Gainesville — “Artichoke” (Wallhanging)
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English Army Eeturns (1860-67) give the heights of the recruits, but it
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Houston, Texas suburb location. Attention Joe Waters, Administrator,
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such as MAO inhibitors and phenothiazines. Observe usual
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the Laws of 1881, the followirig mixtures, when distinctly labelled in the
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Public Health Service for instance, reported the national
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arranged as to ventilate the niche for the night-pail. The foul air ducts
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The effectiveness of Valium (diazepam/Roche) in long-term use,
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broad, and 6 feet 10 inches high, with a cubic space of 194 feet. It held
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Several beneficial diagnostic tests are employed in
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not infallible) daily guides as to what sanitary precautions in regard to
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Just imagine the consequences if your disability were prolonged for six months or a year. And if
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arrangements are imperfect. Yellow fever from time to time is very destruc-
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modifications were needed to stabilize and modernize the plan. The new Income Protection