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its occupation in 1842, Hong-Kong was excessively unhealthy. Malarious
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To later samples some calcium borate was added. Probably the addition of ferrous
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In a Georgia case, a public hospital arranged for three physi-
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streptococci, and penicillin G-resistant and penicillin G-sensitive
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comparatively dry situations, and are the natural soils of forests, where the
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Recognition Program — Approved renewal of recognition for
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rather irritating to the lungs, and, in some persons, large quantities of it
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pitals in the rear. For this purpose good roomy steamers must be chosen.
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bend at the connection marked Z. It shows the risk incurred by branch-
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13. Gunderson J, Singer M: Defining borderline patients: an overview. Amer J
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Joint Statement, Florida Pediatric Society and Florida
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by engineers. At the point where this disconnection is made, there ought
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Francis C. Coleman, M.D., Tampa, Legislation and Regulations
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8. Mohr JA, Griffiths W, Long H: Pulmonary sporotrichosis in Oklahoma and
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deficient in marshy districts, nor when ozone is conducted through marsh
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dissection. Eight of 15 patients with acute proximal
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must be curtailed or payments sharply controlled. On
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health departments which are basically county controlled and funded. Social services must be provided primarily
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soil and water, have been sufficiently discussed. The climatic conditions
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• ; In the Turkish hath it may sometimes be observed, that on entering the hottest
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13. Levine HG, Williams LB, Bruhn JG: Six years of experience with a sum-
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Pipes are run upward from the rooms to one large tin-lined box in the
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He had a clear conception of the development of mechanical force from, and its re-
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through the roof over every separate " stack " or vertical line of soil pipe,
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tinued. Many soldiers die at Netley 3 from various diseases, whose real
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demonstrated by Spitzer and colleagues who found that 54%
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phosphate, and certified coloring in a hydrogenated vegetable oil base.
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cluded such statements as: “Imperative for preparation
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culties encountered in management and treatment. This
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guilty of a misdemeanor, and upon conviction thereof shall be punished
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[t]he members of the public . . . had reason to rely on
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etc., connected to drains usually dry and untrapped. 22. Rain-leaders
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asserted 5 that the usual notion that the respirations are augmented in
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of unpolluted waters examined by the English Rivers Pollution Commis-
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USAGE IN PREGNANCY: Although no teratogenic or anti-fertility effects were
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August) are sometimes called isotheral ; those of mean winter temperature
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