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6 Zeft, H. J , Manley, J.C.; Huston, J.H., Tector, A.J.; Auer, J.E., and Johnson, W.D.: Left

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Reading of Barometer. — Read the attached thermometer first ; then ad-

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importantly, he had the ability to arouse enthusiasm in

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sion stations with medical reporters are doing a better job

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OB-GYN in 30 man multispecialty group in town 22,000 with draw-

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operated. This is particularly true when one realizes that

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so that, in the town of Mexico, there are really two climates, — one very

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These form a vei*y heterogeneous class ; apoplexy, meningitis, paralysis,

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Scaff and Scaff's feelings which infected him and caused

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It has been proposed to detect and cure -the disease in prostitutes. A

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course, he took his first dive in Lake Travis. Recalled Dr

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shoulder girdle with a decrease in the thoracic outlet

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been observed. Accordingly, periodic liver function tests

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10 Parmley, L.F.; Manion, W.C. and Mattingly, T.W.: Nonpenetrating Traumatic Injury of

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O. William Davenport, M.D., Miami, Immediate Past President

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The discussion on the effects of tobacco does not seem to have led to

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conditions of life have been slowly altered for the better. This change

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ally serving during the time. The mortality on the sick alone is another

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digestive affections (not hepatitis). Hepatitis and cholera cause few admis-

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Franklyn Judson, M.D., Department of Health and Hospitals, Denver;

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occasion. Of course, every means should be taken during their service at

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failures, his profane language, and the relentless tirades

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Diseases of Troops. — The state of health has been and is very similar to

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under this condition, except where otherwise noted for special purposes

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appointment of their specialty societies. The Council and Committee

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some little distance above the head of the patient. Carbolic acid and ether

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quantity or to quality, but avoiding what experience has shown to be mani-

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an 8% to 21 % incidence. Although speculative, some studies

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performed with resultant restoration of right upper

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surgeon has this option available to him at the time of