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ing power, and it is less easily penetrated by cold winds. The disadvantage

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Take 4.9 grammes by weight of pure H 2 S0 4 and dilute to 1 litre.

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very dissimilar ; the mean annual temperature (80° Fahr.) is almost the

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Not pictured , Villas del Palmar, located in Las Hadas land

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the Beach: 1st Annual FP Update), Feb. 23, Daytona Hilton,

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benzodiazepines, you should follow the usual precautions concerning

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It must be deep enough to get into a cold stratum of earth. '

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increase bur any clinical effect is likely to be small, Merab- I

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phthisis in young and middle aged subjects, with little constitutional dis-

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medical assistant from performing functions in the physician’s office

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Indications: Symptomatic relief and/or prevention of asthma and reversible

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mnge from $19,000 plus to $23,000 plus with additional fringe benefits.

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malignant tumor of the uterus. Seldom does the patient’s

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patient remained in continuous pacer capture without

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is in direct communication with the sewer, or some old brick barrel-drain,

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American Society of Abdominal Surgeons, Tampa. Fla, March

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Leeward Command." British Guiana, on the mainland, is part of this

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to combine these two conditions, the ground must be somewhat smoothly

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cubic space, 2,000 feet per head ; ward floor-space per head, 144 square

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Drawers folding well over the abdomen form, with the long shirt, a double

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trated with organic matter. During the five months (24th July to 31st

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■windows and the chimney being closed, and curtains taken down, sulphur

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tion is also readily determined so that differentiation of op-

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wells in London but three, which were exceptionally placed.

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rectly the run is ended the men should range in line, and the medical offi-

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the great principle of the invariableness of causation. The sequence of

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(about 10 to 20 parts of which is temporary — removable by boiling), he

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probable that every year greater and greater importance will be attached

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ACEP MD. Malpractice insurance supplied. Fee-for-service compensa-

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cholera, the men should not be allowed to enter towns. Many instances

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enrolled at Baylor College of Medicine. Of these, 1 4 have

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sore in that year, and the men were saved the enormous injury to their

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15-19 year age group. 1 This experience is confirmed by