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regulatory constraint. The quick fixer will lose sight of that simple thought in order to snatch the service commodity

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FMA reiterate its position of support for a separate

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“This discovery brings with it immediate relief. All

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without admixture, except with the garbage from the houses, and are sent

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or burnt sugar to disguise the bluish color consequent upon excessive

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3 There are many instances of the effects of long marches. See Orton, Lorimer, and

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For those who enjoy the nostalgia of country cures and patent remedies,

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providing culturing services in the gonorrhea control

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cellar-wall. The writer recently saw a case where sewage had thus soaked

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just sufficed to keep its seal when the vent was three inches in diameter,

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it is probable that the degree of temperature of the house is not very

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Hoc Committees on Physician Population Ratios, Recognition of

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He published a dozen scientific papers. In one he refuted

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1 Data on file, Mead Johnson Pharmaceutical Division.

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Diseases among Civil Population. — Yellow fever has appeared frequently,

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and remedy for gout, dog fennel ( Eupatorium compositif-

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Mean Duration of Cases of Illness. — The number of days each sick man

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humidity is about 80 per cent, of saturation. The S.W. monsoon blows

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Mild to moderate pain: 400 mg every 4 to 6 hours as necessary for relief of pain.

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PLAN I — Provides benefits after 15 days of disability

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Patients with peritonitis or arthritis require hospitalization and

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uncleaned long after their efficiency has been destroyed by lack of cleans-

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the result is the height of the mercury in inches and decimals of an

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(d) Married Soldiers' Quarterns. — Seven privates in a company of 100 men

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nitrogenous food is necessary. But apart from this, although experiments

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of the liver. If silicate of soda has such an effect, may not some of the

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are not responsible for the opinions and statements of its, contribu-

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to bear some relation to yellow fever, not in its pathological characters, but

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one year), 8 recent reports indicate that in patients with

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sability of allowing healthy individuals (especiaUy children) to sleep with or

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When the American Lung Association was founded 75 years ago,

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AGEMENT OF OVERDOSE: The signs and symptoms of overdose are

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702 Pages. Price $14.50. Lange Medical Publications, Los Altos,

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diarrhoea, 249 admissions and 16.3 deaths per 1,000. In later years the

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