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clogging the filter. The head also serves as a support to the tube in the
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The elevated railroads in New York warm their cars by steam pipes
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all transmittal letters to the editor must contain the following lan-
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professionals as team physicians, planning for a statewide Sports
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should be carefully considered, and it is always desirable to have a trial
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plaintiffs have the burden of making the Patient’s
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In 1951, Carlens 13 et al developed a balloon-tipped
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2 months of first observation Clinical significance is unknown, but use of lorazepam for p
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forcibly before the authorities, and he is undoubtedly quite justified in the
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1 A very important Report on the Mediterranean Stations was published by the
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rectly identifying these structures and distinguishing them
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“ERRATA — Procedure Number 15100 on Page 56 in the 1975 Florida Relative Value Studies should
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much valuable information is now no longer obtainable from the Army Medical Reports.
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class III (symptoms with less than normal exertion). The
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any evidence of local swelling, inflammation, or subcu-
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peer-managed TEP training. During the last two of their
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instance, from persons. (See Aitken's Medicine, 7th edit. , 1880 ; and Report on Hy-
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all circumstances, we can face the dangers and difficulties that present
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with advancing age, from birth to puberty. 1 1 have found
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sociated with biliary obstruction as well as provide material
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American Society of Contemporary Medicine and Surgery.
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Terms negotiable Please reply to PGY, P.O. Box 79496, Memorial Park
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system needs corroboration of the medical problem by
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it may come in contact. Many of these substances are beneficial, most
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litmus paper ; if strongly acid, it will show the probable presence of sulpho-
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administration may be used initially in severe or acute conditions.
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have not been established in Functional Class IV rheumatoid arthritis.
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ethical obligation to respond to patients needing emer-
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principal medical officer and sanitary officer on all matters connected with
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the culture should be transported to the laboratory with
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pertain to questions of medical ethics, dissension, and disputes
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Hematopoietic — Transient fluctuations in leukocyte
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or dietary intake of potassium is markedly impaired.
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