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Fall of Drain Pipes. — 1 in 30 for 4-inch drains, and one in 40 for 6-

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4th Annual Cardiovascular Symposium — Cardiovascular

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hazards 2 of keeping a person mechanically immobilized

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2500 West Sixth Street, Los Angeles, California 90057 PDR

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that they had access to a hospital. This factor appeared to be

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There are no reliable clinical criteria on which to distinguish

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204 Pages. Price $14.95 (cloth) $6.95 (paper). Prometheus Books,

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Sanford A. Mullen, M.D., Jacksonville, Speaker of the House

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3. Kragh-Sorensen P, Hansen CE, Asberg M: Plasma levels of nortriptyline in

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pregnancy. Tetracycline should not be used in pregnant women