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of surgical intervention for patients with proximal
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infantile ego development will be discussed in a later section.
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resist a temperature of 220° Fahr., or even 212° Fahr., if completely and
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excellent sewage deodorants and arresters of putrefaction.
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Health Systems Agencies — The FMA Committee on HSA’s
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lending dramatic pause and inflection to the spoken phrase.
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■ The belief in the malarious origin of yellow fever, so long and tenaciously held
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AUSTIN-FP/GP NEEDED to assume quality practice of recently deceased
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syrup, who have evidenced respiratory symptoms (breathing diffi-
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3. treatment of patients with recurrent uric acid stone
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similar materials. They are particularly noticeable around the Great
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MD, Dept of Pathology, UTHSC at Dallas, 5323 Harry Hines, Dallas,
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of 80 to 800 milligrams. These large doses reflect the
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tion of the excrement from the vault, through the soil into the well, by a
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vulsions) reported following discontinuation of the
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bypass. The average hematocrit immediately following
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suffocation” of infants under one year of age between
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Supplied: Double Strength (DS) tablets, each containing 160
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Arthur F. Ennis, Jr., Bruce C. Crim, Keith H. Prince and Charles F. Curtice
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patients were less likely to be ER positive, their mean ER
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of a regiment of Chasseurs of MacMahon's army, after being on grand
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“If you’re involved in certification or accreditation
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Medical School, Box 20708, Houston, TX 77025 713/792-5346
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matism, phthisis, and cardiac disease. The other diseases are in smaller
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management, including intubation, should also be adminis-
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3. The employee must advise the employer of his need for medical
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• Dr. Richards, 1315 South Orange Avenue, Orlando
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creased by at least 250 and the total number of GME posi-
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against rabies until supplies are sufficient to guarantee
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about 2 o'clock p.m. ; it then falls nearly regularly to 3 o'clock a.m. At sea,
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feet long and 24 broad ( = 1,248 square feet), for the sick, and two rooms,
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in the table on page 355 the admissions, deaths, and invaliding from this
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the appeal. Kelly u. Ruben (Case No. 7815303, Opinion filed October
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dominantly superior to the heart. Because of the poor com-
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water flowing through them from the fixtures attached thereto.
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over per hour is generally reduced by halts to 2.8 miles.
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is a fact that in light-cavalry regiments the horse now carries nearly 19
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that of chlorine ; it acts as rapidly on iodide of potassium and starch
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