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better than practice in running and jumping. It is astonishing what effect

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through the program assuring them of an income if an accident or illness prevented their practice of

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interposition is appropriate. The colon extends into the

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Bradenton. For information: Leonides Y. Teves, M.D., 706 39th St. W.,

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internationally recognized journals received by the TMA

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connection between the results of chemical examination and the known

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Of these, 176 occurred in summer ; 228 in summer and autumn ; 107 in autumn ;

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vicinity of buildings, trees, or hills. The points must be fixed by the com-

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former Consulting Editor of The Journal of the Florida

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cessive evaporation, such as may be produced by a dry sirocco, is well

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After the invention of gunpowder the qualities of strength and agility

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ness of the pile, the closeness of the texture, and the weight of the blanket,

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Picot 3 has stated that silicate of soda, even in very small quantity,

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erate being alone. He or she is depressed when alone and

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deodorize, that is, destroy or mask smell. Even such a division cannot be

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tion containing theophylline or aminophylline Do nor

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tion of dust, etc.), that the air of his dwelling is foul. In hot climates the same rule

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the Lake States and Canada, under the name of the Euttan system. The

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with cardiac catheterization revealed the presence of a

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Forced in by fan-power, it enters through apertures having a total sectional

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ures of fumigation, frequent lime-washing, etc., must be constantly em-

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cardiac etiology. There was no myocardial infarction or

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using concrete, or other plans, will eventually so lessen the cost of build-

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is decreased by thiazides. Dyazide' should be with-

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surgery. A high accuracy rate (80%-85%) is made possible

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employed to escort the raging psychotic to a twilight

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weak, the eye-lids are swelled. There is a total loathing of all food.

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placement or retention in a treatment facility, the judge is

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drugs. Close supervision is required for hyperthyroid patients or those receiving

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was in the afternoon. We may conclude that the tropical heat raises the

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Fetal Monitoring, Dec. 10-11, Sheraton Sand Key, Clearwater. For