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Soc, xxxvii., 268 ; also Chemical News, xli., 245, aud xlii., 113.

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own premises and those of other persons in whom they may be interested."

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oms of deterioration to manifest gradually in the elderly.

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complications and cost. In this regard, ultrasound has been

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Journal have been published since the 1978 Annual Meeting. In

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Childhood Cancer — The Board reviewed the project at the

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normal meat diets did not contain sufficient blood to

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March 26-27, 1981 (Date changed from Jan 22-24, 1981)

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Proceedings, Florida Medical Association, Jacksonville, 1887

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G. The Veterans Administration Center at Bay Pines has been

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desirable to have this question settled by a good chemist. We know that

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ness of the air. But evidence is adverse to this now. The gas passes

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and Drug Abuse Council; Mental Health District Board

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General Editor. 161 Pages. Price $7.50. The University Press of

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will be drawn quickly to the surface and the temperature shown by the

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tend to respond better, and with symptoms effectively

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containment bill . The report was written by Democrat Phil Gramm of Texas and

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Anesthetic Management of the Trauma Patient Marriott Hotel, San

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represents one of the major achievements in cardiologic

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training as a recruit ; and if he is excused guard and other duties during

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“Retrospective Study on Lung Cancer” (Speaker to

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equable and limited. There are, however, cold winds from the hills blow-

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may only obtain a certificate for a maximum of two extenders, and

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injury. Despite these measures, however, there appar-

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and Ira Remsen. Printed in New York State Board of Health Report for 1881-82,

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of, and not allowed to pass into any closet or latrine.

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B. Curtis in Buck's Hygiene ; Report of 9th United States Census (Vital Statistics) ;

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evident slightly oblique cross markings, which indicate the bases of the

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2. Hepatocellular disease, due to the inability of the liver to

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posed the determination of the amounts of carbon and nitrogen present

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lungs, spleen, liver, and muscles, may be all present at the same time. See paper by

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psychiatrist, Passages is written from the personal

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tion (In hypokalemia), decreasing alkali reserve with

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when they change offices. No waiting. No cost of a service call.

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Messinger, M.D., Miami, Secretary; and Edward Russell,