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tion and cross-examination of the expert witness, custody and adoption problems, brainwashing and mind control, marital contracts, the

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tion of mental disease, to another swing to medical

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burnt, hard, smooth, glazed earthenware. 1 All bricks, porous earthen-

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Medical Association’s Executive Committee. The title of

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tional purchased food, which is often of bad quality, or the extreme idleness

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with charcoal. Almost at the same time Mr. Stanford 4 proposed the plan

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perinatally acquired infections. Congenital acquisition occurs

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tance, probably by aiding transmission. Moisture in the ground, combined with heat

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Medical Association's stand on solicitation of patients by

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“discombooberated,” “swelled up like a toad . . .’’They’re all

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(e) Standard Solution of Ammonium Chloride (see 4 (a)).

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jriaces they should be deeply buried at a place far removed from any water

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and rather watery. For cereals and roots it is also well adapted at certain

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patients in the hospital and after discharge. Since preliminary evaluations of these treatment methods

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the site of the house comparatively dry. Clay and rock, on the other

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techniques allowing more careful selection of the method

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2. Norenberg, R.; Claxton, C.P.Jr.,andTakaro,T.: Percutaneous Needle Biopsy of the Lung:

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members of the Mediation Panel $100 per day for “expenses”;

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percent of all known cases of cervical malignancy. 3 ' 4

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measles is not the result of a large percentage of this

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Section XII. — Diseases and meteorological conditions 119

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of dysentery. This, probably, is the true reading of the facts. The

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supervision and careful adjustment of dosages are required. Paralytic ileus may

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the adult population were still using folk medicines on an

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of producing a paralytic ileus and the use of this drug may

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seven patients with no diagnosis and two patients in

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graves were thus dealt with. It seems probable that only the surface of

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dation of the heart to great exertion is probably connected with the easy

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Sec. 4. It shall be the duty of the State Board of Health to prepare and

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appear to be related to dosage of the drug Therefore, in

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Compressed Camps. — Occasionally the tents have been placed much

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