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Ashanti war of 1873, for an admirable account of which see the Army Medical Reports,

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Agencies held two meetings: in Tampa, on August 31, 1978, and in

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tion of the growth of cryptogamic life. At least this may be inferred from

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new concept of the cause of these infant deaths arose.

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subject of the School Physical Examination Form and

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M.D., FMA Representative; and W. Mahon Myers, M.D., District

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fidelity with which registered rheumatic patients adhere

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cattle or horses which are killed for want of forage, or are shot in action,

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2 Report by Surgeon-General W. A. Mackinnon, C.B., A. M .D. Reports, vol. xxii., p.

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statistically consists in the number of other conditions affecting the health

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General of the Army Medical Department, were sent over to inspect the

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and the fact that it delivers a nutrient blood supply is not

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As with all anticholinergics, inhibition of lactation

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A patented apparatus, called the Germicide, is in frequent use in New

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great causes of diseases, and are still so to some extent.

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must leave the leg via collateral venous channels. This is

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(2) "The vent-hole, li inch diameter, in this trap was then opened,

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Icarus and Imaum described by Dr. Bryson. Whether yellow fever

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taking no less than 76 ounces of food (i.e., water-containing food), while

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copy. Copy should be typewritten and double spaced.

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Fein is regional consultant for the Children's Asthma Re-