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Andrea Gordon — Age 8 — Miami Lakes — “American Flag”

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Sinai Medical Center, Miami Beach. For information: Esther Cohen,

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from the Baylor medical and graduate student body. The use

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In this double-blind study, twenty patients having G.l. series and exhibiting

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reviewed with the Staff the numerous events that have taken place in

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Ad Hoc Committee on State Board of Medical Examiners

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3. Earth round Huts saturated with Refuse, Urine, etc. — Every now and

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Physicians could also be ethically employed on a contract

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DALLAS — The Minor Emergency Clinic in Garland is available week-

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strongly recommended by Professor Stone, of Manchester, who has de-

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tibial or anterior tibial artery, and flow is monitored. The

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have been reported very rarely in patients receiving the drug

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marching on the route or in war, the distance is from 10 or 12 miles to

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use of sulphur fires has been advocated and tried in India, apparently with

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The FTC order, in the dissenting justice’s opinion, “con-

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quantity as to be destructive of human life. Experiments on the micro-

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There has always been much intemperance, and a large number of

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when on benzodiazepines because of their predisposition to habituation and dependent

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position from 1 969 until his retirement in 1 975, when he

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Venereal diseases have never prevailed much in Jamaica , they have

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'-'Instructions, etc. Scott adds: "Under any circumstances, a board gives a better

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77057. From outside Texas call toll-free 800-231-7578.

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AMA Delegate or Alternate Delegate from Florida since

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hydrometer is taken, and one of the weights is attached to the stem below

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tion. Paradoxical reactions (eg. , excitement, stimulation and