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some of the advocates of the " telluric theory " are willing to go so far as to
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if the disease in those already suffering became milder. In 1797 it was
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Pulmonary Function Studies, Dec. 8, Holy Cross Hospital, Fort
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graft was anastomosed to the deep femoral on the right
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packages of 100, available in trays of 4 reverse-num-
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kept extremely clean ; during the period of exertion, it may be thinly
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cluding agranulocytosis), jaundice and hepatic dysfunction
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Hyperalimentation in Modern Hospital Practice, Oct. 9, Manatee
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tion of the labor market, the best thing a working-man can do is, as early
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believed to do a great deal more for the preservation of health than the art of physic.
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relating to the nature and/or cause of his patient’s
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higher than 50 mOs/L appear to have a deleterious effect
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ability to regard ordinary anxiety and the process of
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into the stove in the cart that brings them. Dr. Kansom, of Nottingham,
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Before prescribing, see package insert lor full product information.
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applied in its place, with glass strips in its sides and a vent-hole one inch
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on the assumption that Medicare patients, particularly the elderly, rarely get
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dosage administration results in extreme fatigue and mental depres-
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Surgeons for sponsoring the special issue of The Journal
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PREGNANCY: Pregnancy Category B Reproduction studies per-
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studies of mortality in patients with angina pectoris
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appointed — 12 to move with the corps, and 13 to be stationed at the base
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Florida as they look to the future of our State. The need
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this compound, as with other antibiotics If superinfection occurs
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required by the FMA Archives Form and has been expanded to include
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Sewer-gas in Cisterns. — Another source of dangerous impurity in cistern
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are one or more milk inspectors, usually under the control of the Health
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6. Urschel, H.C., and Paulson, D.L.: Gastroesophageal Reflux and Hiatal Hernia, J. Thorac
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hospitals in towns, suggests "warming in winter to 60° F." (p. 358). As
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gas leakages, and there is only one scientific method of doing so, which is